The Silicon Valley may be the hub of all computer and allied development, but it is also a well-known fact that the developers mainly churn out ideas, which then manifest into software with the help of technicians in other countries. The reason for this is not that there is a shortage of technically skilled manpower in Silicon Valley, or home the country itself. The reason is that it is cheaper to get work done from outside, for whatever reasons it may be. Asian countries, particularly South Asian countries like China and India have become the habitual recipients of outsourced IT work. Is outsourcing always the right turn to take in the search for a financially less demanding mobile app developer? To do or not to do, that is the question here.

Outsourcing: To do?

Outsourcing mobile application development is beneficial for a company that has to tighten its purse strings. The good thing about outsourcing app development is that you can get high-quality work at a very competitive rate. In the US, a fresh computer graduate will command $100,000 for the same work that can be done at a fraction of a cost outside. Outsourcing also gives the company the liberty of moving around in the country. Changing the headquarters or the base will not affect the quality of the app. A mobile application developer in another country does not need any training. He or she is already a trained professional. This also helps the company save time, in addition to the increase in profits.

Outsourcing: Not to Do?

Keeping the knowledge within the company is important if the app has a strategic importance. Some developers are also concerned about foreign companies being able to tap into the sensitive systems of the company. Many entrepreneurs who prefer having tighter control over the process of development will employ an in-house mobile application developer. Even though there is a high likelihood that an in-house developer will bring down the profits of your company, the quality of work may be higher. Moreover, for apps that focus on niche clientele, an in-house mobile app developer will be more appreciative of the nuances required in an app than a developer residing outside. The varieties in a vendor’s undertakings, the outsourcing company will lack the ability to gauge the requirements of a company. Also, there have been many instances when outsourcing companies fail to meet the deadlines of the project.

If you do plan to go for an off-shore app developer, you will have to choose the vendor after careful evaluation of its past performance.