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With the conversion of a website into a mobile app, individuals and business personals switch to their handheld set for the better mobile experience. As of now, mobile is no longer limited to making calls and exchanging texts. The advent of online marketing has opened up new avenues for the marketers to explore. Since mobile application is getting developed day by day, business is longer reliant on traditional marketing strategy. Therefore, the demand of good application developer is on increase. Potential developers are using newer methodology to create unique and innovative apps, which facilitate smart and smooth run of the business. Now, one can communicate with their clients, customers and agents at a single click. Customized mobile apps offer multiple facilities like internet browsing, email, faxing, entertainment, music, gaming and many more.

Since Apple Inc introduced the first generation iPhone in the year 2007, multiple businessmen found it effective to use apps for their business purpose. iPhone application development companies took the advantage of such growing demand of business apps. Business apart, there is a variety of apps including gaming, video chat, social networking, Gyroscope and many more. Multiple operating systems like IOS, SDK alongside many other methodologies are being used to develop tailor-made apps to meet the business requirements. Some incredible apps have gained the foothold in the market and they are Facebook, Photosynth, Runkeeper, Pulse, Dropbox, Skype, Tone pad and many more.

In the world of competition and rat-race many companies are willing to deploy multiple platform applications on a single infrastructure. And here comes the importance of enterprise mobile apps. MEAP or the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is basically a range of products and services that facilitate the development of a specific mobile app. The most important advantage of such platform is that it provides a long term service while deploying the apps.