Off-Shore Mobile App Developers: Pros and Cons

The Silicon Valley may be the hub of all computer and allied development, but it is also a well-known fact that the developers mainly churn out ideas, which then manifest into software with the help of technicians in other countries. The reason for this is not that there is a shortage of technically skilled manpower in Silicon Valley, or home the country itself. The reason is that it is cheaper to get work done from outside, for whatever reasons it may be. Asian countries, particularly South Asian countries like China and India have become the habitual recipients of outsourced IT work. Is outsourcing always the right turn to take in the search for a financially less demanding mobile app developer? To do or not to do, that is the question here.

Outsourcing: To do?

Outsourcing mobile application development is beneficial for a company that has to tighten its purse strings. The good thing about outsourcing app development is that you can get high-quality work at a very competitive rate. In the US, a fresh computer graduate will command $100,000 for the same work that can be done at a fraction of a cost outside. Outsourcing also gives the company the liberty of moving around in the country. Changing the headquarters or the base will not affect the quality of the app. A mobile application developer in another country does not need any training. He or she is already a trained professional. This also helps the company save time, in addition to the increase in profits.

Outsourcing: Not to Do?

Keeping the knowledge within the company is important if the app has a strategic importance. Some developers are also concerned about foreign companies being able to tap into the sensitive systems of the company. Many entrepreneurs who prefer having tighter control over the process of development will employ an in-house mobile application developer. Even though there is a high likelihood that an in-house developer will bring down the profits of your company, the quality of work may be higher. Moreover, for apps that focus on niche clientele, an in-house mobile app developer will be more appreciative of the nuances required in an app than a developer residing outside. The varieties in a vendor’s undertakings, the outsourcing company will lack the ability to gauge the requirements of a company. Also, there have been many instances when outsourcing companies fail to meet the deadlines of the project.

If you do plan to go for an off-shore app developer, you will have to choose the vendor after careful evaluation of its past performance.


Custom, iPhone, Android – A Brief On Application Development


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Globalization has created a scope for many countries to plunge into the global market by virtue of their businesses. This has forced the businessmen to be on their toes all the time. Evolution of smart-phones has solved this problem since a number of apps are already in-built in the device. The app development companies have brought in a collection of business related apps that are compatible with all mobile platforms like iOS SDK, Android and windows. These apps are developed by skilled engineers by their sheer talent and knowledge coupled with client’s requirements. Such tailor-made apps help in delivering support and quality solution to the business professionals. The cost to develop iphone app depends on the method one is using. Simple apps where the client would provide all the details cost around $1000 to $4000. Database apps, which sometimes are of big size, cost around $8000 to $50000 and Gaming apps, as it requires a whole lot of rigorous work and the market is also huge, cost around $10,000 to $200,000.

Android market or currently known as Google Play is still the biggest player. Naturally there is a constant demand of app developers. The app development companies are always on a lookout for fresh and innovative minds. This is not an easy task. So they take help of certain placement agencies that provide them android app developers for hire. Creative and deft candidates are hand-picked carefully for developing extraordinary apps. Developers need to possess thorough knowledge of the industry and a few years of working experience in this field too. They are recruited on the basis of theoretical knowledge of app development and a practical exam.

The experienced developers in turn create business-specific apps that have given rise to the concept of customized apps. And for this the custom app developers are quite in demand because of their ability to create an app by understanding the specific requirements of the client. Suppose a client wants to build a directory app where there will be information about various tourist resorts. So the app requires some specific development process as well compatibility to various smart phone devices. Developers, being completely updated with various android OS and iOS 5 and iOS 6, can create the required app in a jiffy. But in these cases the cost of development varies; after all, a huge market is yet to be addressed to and for that reason it is always better to be prepared than to regret.

The Effect of Custom App Development in Business


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The business world is gradually moving towards the internet world. In order to capture the market through online business a smooth communication is mandatory. To improve the business communication, the custom app development Companies are playing a crucial role in upgrading the whole matter. An expert app developer will take a minimum time to convert an idea into an application. The skilled app developers are expected to have a sound knowledge about the iOS, SKD operating systems which are mostly used in iPhone, Blackberry, Apple, Android etc. Different types of electronic gadgets are introduced in the markets which are provided with many unique and effective features.

All the app developers including the IOS app developer, Windows mobile app developer, Apple iPad app developer use the iOS platform for their projects. The introduction of the iPhone has brought a new phase in the zone of Smartphone. It is better to know well about a company workforce before hiring for the purpose of app development. Different types of apps like business apps, E-book apps and E-commerce apps are most popular in the present time. The communication between the client and the developer has to be very smooth in order to get a fruitful result.

Today almost all companies are following the Enterprise Mobile Strategy. This process helps in the optimum utilization of the resources. Through this enterprise mobile application one can work from anywhere in the world. Thus there is no time limitation and also increases the mobility of a firm. The BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) technique is followed as it brings flexibility in the working environment. The mobile strategy increase productivity by reducing cost and time. An individual can access company data easily from their own comfort zone. This process also assures privacy while transferring confidential data, as one cannot send those materials to an unauthorised person. Apart from iPhone, Android has its customized apps on offer. Most of the Android apps are built around customized operating system like Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Eclair, Froyo, Honeycomb, etc. To work around such platform, it is essential to hire Android developer who has the required quality to work on such pervasive platform. However, while choosing the developers the business marketers must make sure that they recruit the best developers who have the passion and dedication to his work. Otherwise they will have amateurish apps that may hamper their business apps to a large extent.

Find Quality Application Developer to Build Customized Apps


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With the conversion of a website into a mobile app, individuals and business personals switch to their handheld set for the better mobile experience. As of now, mobile is no longer limited to making calls and exchanging texts. The advent of online marketing has opened up new avenues for the marketers to explore. Since mobile application is getting developed day by day, business is longer reliant on traditional marketing strategy. Therefore, the demand of good application developer is on increase. Potential developers are using newer methodology to create unique and innovative apps, which facilitate smart and smooth run of the business. Now, one can communicate with their clients, customers and agents at a single click. Customized mobile apps offer multiple facilities like internet browsing, email, faxing, entertainment, music, gaming and many more.

Since Apple Inc introduced the first generation iPhone in the year 2007, multiple businessmen found it effective to use apps for their business purpose. iPhone application development companies took the advantage of such growing demand of business apps. Business apart, there is a variety of apps including gaming, video chat, social networking, Gyroscope and many more. Multiple operating systems like IOS, SDK alongside many other methodologies are being used to develop tailor-made apps to meet the business requirements. Some incredible apps have gained the foothold in the market and they are Facebook, Photosynth, Runkeeper, Pulse, Dropbox, Skype, Tone pad and many more.

In the world of competition and rat-race many companies are willing to deploy multiple platform applications on a single infrastructure. And here comes the importance of enterprise mobile apps. MEAP or the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is basically a range of products and services that facilitate the development of a specific mobile app. The most important advantage of such platform is that it provides a long term service while deploying the apps.